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featuring the history of the company that produced arcade style games
for TRS-80 and Atari home computers in the early 1980's.


Breaking News - June 2007 !

Miner 2049er returns!

Play it today on your mobile device!

Check out bountybob.com for full details!!


Read about the creation of Big Five Software and see pictures of our offices!






Find out who started the company and discover what we're up to today!





See the artwork for:

Super Nova, Galaxy Invasion, Attack Force, Cosmic Fighter, Meteor Mission 2, Defense Command, Weerd!, and Stellar Escort  

which we produced for TRS-80 computers!




Here is everything you wanted to know about the classic game

Miner 2049er 

which we created for the Atari 400/800!






Learn all the details about

Bounty Bob Strikes Back! 

which is the well-reviewed sequel to Miner 2049er!






Download an emulator that will allow you to play Miner and Bounty Bob on a Windows PC!






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