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Download the Miner 2049er
Bounty Bob Strikes Back!

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PC Compatible, Pentium III 400 or better
Directx7 or later for full screen video

About the Emulator:

I wrote this emulator entirely in C++.  The version supplied here was compiled under Visual C++ but I also have a Borland C++ Builder version which has a lot more diagnostic screens that I used during development.  There are dump, CPU, and disassembly windows in that program.

The design is completely object-oriented; there are objects for all of the Atari chips, RAM, ROM, CPU, bus, etc.  I put great effort into writing code that could be well optimized by the compiler.

Miner or Bounty Bob never relied on any code from the Atari system ROM so it isn't included in this program,  It's a fairly complete Atari Emulation system and would probably run other games if I were to try.

There were a lot of details I had to take care of to make sure the output was as faithful to the original Atari 800 screen.  I used a great many of the Atari's features back then when I wrote these games.  And all of it came back to haunt me when I wrote this emulator because I had to replicate every Atari feature I used!  Even some of the copy protection stumped me for awhile.  Back in the 80's I was coding things cryptically to attempt to confuse anyone disassembling the program.  It's pretty funny that I turned out to be one of those people!

You can use alt-enter to switch to a full screen display mode, but this requires Microsoft's DirectX and an appropriate graphics card.  Visit Microsoft's web site if you don't have at least DirectX 7.

I don't promise that it will work on every PC known to mankind but I have tried it in Windows NT, 2000, 98, and ME and it works pretty good.  If you choose "max speed" on some fast machines you can really get cranking!

Use the menus to discover what keys map to the game input functions.  This version doesn't support any joysticks - yet.

Version History:

January 18, 2007:    Corrected an issue preventing the Bounty Bob secret "warp" codes from working properly.

Bounty Bob Strikes Back! - Cheat Code

Press F3 to enter the option screen.
Use the down arrow to move to the "Special Code" line.
Use left/right arrows to select 61800. Holding ESC will cause the numbers to advance more quickly.
Hold the "F" key on the keyboard and press F3.
Now when you're playing the game you can type any two numbers to jump directly to that level. For example type "05" for level five.  

After entering the cheat code as described above the following additional keys are active:


Advances to the next level


Returns to the prior level


Restarts the same level


Allows Bounty Bob to be positioned anywhere on the screen using the arrow keys.  Bounty Bob is immune to alien death during this time although you can still claim treats.  Special equipment (such as a grain elevator) stops moving and acid rain stops falling.

These level warps are always active:

Destination Level From Level


4 1

Collect the flower pot then hold 1 and press START

22 2

Collect all aliens first then finally collect the paint roller then hold 3 and press START

15 3

Collect the goblet then hold 4 and press START

8 5

Collect the coffee pot then hold 8 and press START

14 10

Collect the pitch fork then hold 5 and press START

19 16

Put tubes 1 and 3 leftward then collect the pie then hold 9 and press START

Miner 2049er - Cheat Code

Start playing the game then stop Bounty Bob in a safe area.
Type in Big Five's old phone number: 213 782 6861.
Now hold shift and press the number of the level you want to go to.
Use zero for level ten.




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Bounty Bob
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